Reminders of Ireland in the drawer of memories:

the multicolored lacquers of the Georgian doors, the smell of peat burning in the houses, the glazes of the green plains, the red hair, the clouds that gallop in the sky, the glimmers of blue that make the water shine on rivers and lakes, the sea quiet or enraged in the coves and in the bays; the silences and the ballads; the grey stone of the cliffs, castles and monasteries; the warmth of the people, of the whiskey, of the lit fireplaces between family portraits and big fish that still seem alive on the bulletin boards…

We will visit Dublin and a small part of its province starting from County Kildare that will host us in its magnificent manor, a large Palladian style house surrounded by over a thousand hectares of park… a singular visit to the Mahaffy House, the house where Oscar Wild lived.
Here we will sip good tea and taste a delicious slice of plum cake! Reaching Howth, a small fishing village just outside the city, a yacht will welcome us for a short cruise during which we will taste a sparkling aperitif that will prepare our palate for a delicious dinner based on fresh fish caught during the day!
We will leave with vintage cars for Wicklock , the famous Irish county that has the largest number of gardens.

Celtic history and mysticism will welcome us to the village of Glendalough and we will reach one of the most beautiful gardens in the area at Powerscourt House. We will head north of Dublin along the bay to reach the Castle of Malahide. This is one of the oldest castles of Ireland dating back to the twelfth century . It still has rich and prestigious furniture dating back to the sixteenth century and an important collection of portraits.
We will end our trip with a real Lord’s dinner: silver cutlery, crystal glasses, Victorian ceramic tableware and waiters wearing gloves and livery to offer a royal service in the unique and authentic Georgian property in Dublin.