Jordan is an exciting landscape

…a land of miracles and great Biblical prophets, chosen by God to manifest themselves for the first time to men.

Nature is impressive and miraculous; the mystical will of a people who gave birth to Petra, “the Pink City” declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Our journey will start from Amman, capital of Jordan and cradle of different civilizations, we will visit the Roman amphitheater and the Citadel. Exciting adventures aboard a vintage locomotive that will lead us to Jiza, from here we will continue our journey to Madaba “the city of mosaics” and will stop in the cool of the Orthodox church of San Giorgio, to be fascinated by the meticulousness of the master mosaicists during the Byzantine period.

Who will be enchanted by the sacredness of Mount Nebo where legend tells that Moses died and was buried. In the peaceful tranquillity of the sunset, an idyllic gift will be given to us : a breathtaking view from the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea to the roofs of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Petra, the shocking “pink city” will open at our feet … From Siq to Khaneh we will ride through a gorge in the desert on donkeys until we arrive in front of the imposing facade of a temple created in the bare pink rock which makes everything around it insignificant. We will continue in Jeeps to the desert of Wadi Rum, the most majestic and vast in Jordan, made of expanses of reddish sand and sandstone hills that rise suddendly from the bottom of the valley.
At Jebel Khazali we will visit the sources of Lawrence of Arabia and the mountain of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. We will take refuge in a tented camp, sipping tea in front of the spectacular and unique sunset and we will dine under the light of the stars. Last stop the Dead Sea region located in the deepest depression of the earth …. We will relax and be pampered in the very famous Spa inside our hotel. We are about to return, but our journey is not over yet …. Amman will welcome us back to greet us in it’s own way: she will open the doors of her Citadel, she will host us among her precious walls and give us her food, once food of the prophets who were born here, lived and witnessed miracles. We have been given one: to visit this unforgettable land!