VALENCIA 32nd America’s Cup

An unforgettable event, a single protagonist : the sea.

A city full of colors, a mix of cultures in constant evolution that welcomes everyone with open arms and becomes the back drop of an unprecedented stay.

Stunned by the cohesion of everything that is more modern (Oceanographic Museum, City of Art and Science) and all that is now history, Valencia carefully guards the ancient, but has a constant thirst for modernity!

Valencia and its 32nd America’s Cup will host the new collection exhibited at the modern Las Arenas Hotel.
This is the scenario : the slow pace of the sea becomes impetuous and turns into grit and ruthless cheering during the regatta enjoyed by our guests on the catamaran.
The “Cup” will become the symbol of our Welcome Dinner at the Foredeck Club, on whose terrace we will present a standing buffet offered by the best international cooking schools, that will be in Valencia to follow their teams.
A big screen will shine with lights and colors of the national football team to follow live the football world cup!
The Gala Dinner at the Music Palace will celebrate the end of our stay : the stage, set up with real full sails, will offer a colorful show of Tablao Flamenco. The strength of this traditional dance will involve us to such an extent that the “beating” of the feet with our heart will be in unison !