Known as the “Hermit” of the Middle East…

the Sultanate of Oman is emerging from its shell, revealing a land of courteous and friendly people and theatrical landscapes.

Muscat, the Capital and the first stage of our journey, still lacks the nouveau-riche sentiment that characterizes the rest of the Gulf.
The Hotel Shangri – la ‘s Barr Al Jillah Resort will host our group offering breathtaking scenery : a pearl set in the bay of al Jissah within the desert divided by mountains and inviting beaches. A dinner by the pool will be our welcome , illuminated by the glow of the myriad of stars visible to the naked eye!

The call of Muezzin will invite us to return to the hotel after an intense day spent in Muscat, whose Portuguese fortresses recall the past, the financial buildings bring us back to the present.

We will reach Barka, through the desert , a small fishing village where it is possible to visit the local fish market ; we will continue for Nakhl , the ancient pre-Islamic fully restored fort; to Al Sawadi Beach to swim in the turquoise waters and snorkel in front of the Daymaniyat Islands Marine Park.
A Farewell Dinner inside the gardens of a typical Omani house will celebrate the trip
Here ethnicity is the reality: colored carpets at our feet, pillows embroidered with gold and silver threads, oil lamps and the delicate Frangipani fragrance will remain an unforgettable memory!